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Shunning Canon for a mirrorless Fuji! By Guy Turner

I changed my main ‘big’ camera from a Canon 80D DSLR to a Fujifilm T-X4 mirrorless about two weeks ago and Ithought it might be helpful to share my expereinces here.

My motivation/excuses/reasons for change were:

  1. Modern digital cameras are computers to which a lens can be fitted to the front. I am relatively tech-averse, and wanted a more intuitive camera than the Canon.
  2. The Canon was big, heavy and complicated to use and an indication of my love for it was only using the shutter about 7000 times in over two years. I wanted a lens/computer combination which was lighter and with more ‘traditional’ controls, with fewer things interred in the Q-button endless submenus and menus.
  3. So… ta-dah! The Fujifilm X-series looked like an option with the mechanical dials for ISO and shutter speed with aperture settings around the base of the lens. I chose the X-T4 because, serendipitously, there was one in the window of the London Camera Exchange (Chichester): it was in excellent condition, and relatively lightly used, coming with a 16-80mm zoom lens, an original box with straps and wires, and a manual (of 440 pages!). Bye, bye Canon. I traded it in.
  4. Other reasons for choosing the X-T4 were:
    • a lovely ‘heft’, in terms of weight and handling
    • a solid, mechanical feel to the controls
    • in-body image stabilisation and relative weather-proofing – both of which may, hopefully, enhance my wildlife snapping, and, finally,
    • my age, which influences decisions of weight, IS, in-your-face controls and ageing vision (causing difficulties in seeing the screen – particularly relevant when looking at menu items – as they can be seen in the electronic viewfinder on the X-T4)

First impressions from these early days are:

  • The weight, heft and mechanical feel are all good and confidence-inspiring
  • The manual is fairly easy to read and understand compared to the Canon equivalent
  • The aperture ring is very easy to move when zooming, inadvertently putting the camera into aperture control
  • The automatic focussing is very fast – too fast for my current memory cards, of which the camera will accommodate two
  • Battery life is short, compared with the 80D
  • Fujifilm’s film simulation modes/filters are fascinating
  • Taking pictures of moving subjects is easy and I find the results pleasing!

Where next?

  • Look on line for tuition
  • Contemplate more lenses
  • By a polarising filter

Watch this space as I explore the X-T4 in coming weeks and months…

Mimosa by Guy Turner

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