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PDI League 2021-22

Well done to all our Society Members who allowed us to enter their images!

There were highs (1st place in the Round 1, 2nd place in Round 6, 3rd place in Round 3) and the occasional round where we didn’t do so well, but 4th place overall is really really good for our first attempt.

Congratulations Team South Downs!!

Angela, SDPS Chairman
Mara by Heather Chuter

This was South Downs Photographic Society’s first foray into the Southern Counties Photographic Federation’s Projected Digital Image league!

We started – and remain – in Division 8 alongside BH Photography; Burghfield; Dorset Light, Focus-Ryde; Lambourne; and Woolston. Now the League has ended and our mid-league finishing position is confirmed we can share our entries with the public! Thanks to our fellow Clubs in our league for making us so welcome too; we are already looking forward to next season’s competition.

All images are copyright of the authors and cannot be reproduced without their permission. Contact us if you like what you see!

Girl with the Pearl Earring by Ann Wright
Crosswort by Angela Borutan-Wright
Derrick & Angela by Guy Turner
Chichester Cathedral from Hunston Bridge by David Garrard
Wedding Day by Heather Chuter
Rotting Ranch House by Sue Garrard
Mother Love by Val Carver

Round 1. 24/11/21 Host Club: Focus-Ryde Judge: Roy Lambeth DPAGB EFIAP BPE2*

Round 2. 02/12/21 Host Club: Burghfield Judge: Jason Hyde CPAGB

Round 3. 21/12/21 Host Club: Dorset Light Judge: Jim Pascoe ARPS ABIPP

Round 4. 05/01/22 Host Club: BHPC Judge: Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DAPGB HonAPAGB

Round 5. 11/01/22 Host Club: Lambourn Judge: Mark Lanigan LRPS

Round 6. 08/02/22 Host Club: South Downs Photographic Judge: Sue Sibley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE3

Round 7. 16/02/22 Host Club: Woolston Judge: Jon Mitchell

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