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Why do we charge a fee?

Even as a not-for-profit Society we still incur costs on an annual or one-off basis: for example the cost of a Zoom subscription and/or venue rental charges. To mitigate the latter, given we are new and small, we are avoiding using a paid-for venue where possible and will be hosted by Guy, our Co-Chair when feasible. Thanks Guy!

A Zoom subscription is a recurring £145 p/a; other costs include SCPF registration fees, SCPF required-insurance, charges for entering some SCPF competitions and events, speaker fees*, amongst others. PhotoEntry is £1.50 per person per year. Unfortunately these all add up.

However, we don’t want cost to be prohibitive and are happy to underwrite some of the costs in this time of financial uncertainty therefore have decided full Membership fees will be capped at £25 for the 2022-23 season.

We hope you feel this is worth it!

*If you’d like to ‘Sponsor-a-Speaker’ let Guy or me know…

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